1st EPATEE National Peer-Learning Workshop (Paris) - Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Policies, fact or fiction?

Subject : Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Policies, fact or fiction?

The French Technical Association for Energy and Environment (ATEE) will hold the 1rst EPATEE National Peer-Learning Workshop on Monday 18 March 2019 from 14:00 to 17:30 in Paris.

Within the past decade, and particularly with the implementation of the White Certificate scheme (CEE) and the tax credit scheme on energy efficiency works, significant financial and regulation contributions have been made by the French government to encourage citizens and organisations handling their energy consumption on a sustainable and responsible way. It is now time to answer whether or not those new energy efficiency policies have been fruitful and to what extent the invested funds have led to optimized energy savings.

This half-day workshop aims at giving an overview of the current situation on the evaluation of the French energy efficiency policies with the intervention of national and international experts and at discussing how France can learn from evaluation practices of other European countries.


Please note that this workshop will be held in French language.