EPATEE at the ECI workshop "EED art.7: Towards a toolbox for Member States"

The European Copper Institute (ECI) organised in Brussels on 17th of May 2018 a workshop entitled "EED art.7: Towards a toolbox for Member States"

The purpose of this workshop was to exchange views with key stakeholders about ways to support the achievement of Member States' energy savings obligation in the frame of article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. The discussions were focused on the needs and opportunity to develop a toolbox of technical energy saving measures, including simplified measurement & verification protocols.

As part of these discussions, EPATEE was invited to present a summary of the views and challenges about harmonising monitoring & evaluation of energy efficiency policies, based on a review of previous experiences on this topic (e.g. EMEEES project, CEN standards) and the feedback from interviews and online surveys done within the EPATEE project.

For more details about the workshop and the different presentations: http://www.leonardo-energy.org/post/1444