Webinar #1 (Part 2) - How energy efficiency policy evaluation can produce benefits and add value to policy makers?

Webinar #2 - March 20, 2018

EPATEE is a project mostly based on a strong involvement of the stakeholders that deal with energy efficiency policy evaluation. The first step has been the interview of 25 key stakeholders from all over EU, aimed at identifying their concept of policy evaluation, the barriers they face, and what kind of support EPATEE can offer them in their opinion. Based on the interviews, a first survey (answered by 35 people) has been designed in order to go into more details on how policy evaluation is implemented in various countries, what issues need to be resolved, and which tools proposed by EPATEE are considered more interesting by the stakeholders. Two more surveys will be carried on in the next months to complete the picture and provide valuable information to the EPATEE team.

Please, click on this link to access the webinar video.