Knowledge Base

The EPATEE Knowledge Base gathers about 180 references (evaluation reports, studies, papers, guidebooks, etc.) about evaluation of energy efficiency policies. An analysis of this content was made and summarized in a report entitled "Identifying current knowledge, suggestions and conclusions from existing literature" (see the "Attachment" section at the bottom of this page).

The report first briefly explains how the Knowledge Base was built and what it includes. It then provides an overview of the 180 references gathered in the Knowledge Base, through simple statistics. Finally, it discusses what types of energy savings (gross, additional, net) are evaluated depending on the purpose of the evaluation, the metrics used to assess efficiency or cost-effectiveness of policies, and why expanding the scope of evaluation could be interesting to consider other impacts than energy savings.

This report is primarily meant for researchers, or any stakeholder interested in reviewing the literature about evaluation, thinking of further needs and clarifications. The Knowledge Base is a living database, i.e. further interesting evaluation studies or papers will be added in the course of the EPATEE project. New references for the update of the Knowledge Base are welcome till the end of this year. You can send your suggestions to

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