Webinar #2 - First EPATEE dissemination webinar

Webinar #2 - May 30, 2018

This webinar presented the project, and more specifically the first online resources developed by EPATEE to make knowledge and experience more easily available about evaluating energy efficiency policies and programmes:

  • the Knowledge Base that gathers more than 170 references evaluation reports and studies on evaluation;
  • a set of case studies about concrete examples about evaluations of energy efficiency policies ( see our section "case studies").

The webinar showcased how to make searches in the Knowledge Base and examples of outputs.

It also provided an overview of main lessons learnt from the first phase of the EPATEE project.

The recordings of this webinar are available on the Leonardo Energy YouTube channel.

This webinar was jointly organised with Leonardo Energy and IEPPEC, within the webinar series of the IEPPEC Evaluation Academy.